Your First Biomagnet Treatment

What to Expect During a Treatment

The average treatment will last approximately two hours. This begins with a detailed consultation where I will take your history and explain to you how the process works and what to expect. Biomagnetic Pair Therapy will find imbalances existing through the body regardless of whether I know your current diagnosis and symptomology at all; in fact, a shared language between practitioner and client is not even necessary as the body will communicate effectively without a word being passed. However, I like to get to know my clients; hear their stories, as often they have gone many years without ever being truly listened to, and assess the severity of their symptoms so that I can more accurately track their progress from appointment to appointment.

Once this is completed, you will be required to remove your shoes, which will be replaced with a pair of specialised scanning shoes; these shoes do not contain magnets but allow me to apply the kinesiological-type scanning technique more hygienically and give me a clear baseline for assessing whether hemisbody shortening has occurred or not.

You will lie on a comfortable massage table, with your legs slightly elevated, and can relax in silence or whilst listening to soothing relaxation music as I scan approximately 300 different anatomical points in the body, saying each one out loud and applying magnets to areas of your body displaying imbalances. The magnets may need to be placed just about anywhere on the body; the face, torso, limbs, back or even the groin but I am very mindful of my client’s comfort and privacy and always explain what I am about to do before touching your body. Once a biomagnetic pair has been found and applied, the pairs of magnets need to stay in place for 25-30 minutes in order to de-polarize any pathogens present and restore balance. I will then continue through the entire body scan, applying magnets where necessary. Most clients find the process deeply relaxing, often falling asleep, and most are not aware of any particular sensations from the magnets themselves; there is no pulsation or electrical sensation for example. However, some clients do experience sensations of heat, cold, tingling and may notice the absence of pain or a feeling of inflammation easing even while they are still on the massage table.

Once I am satisfied that the entire body has been scanned and all pairs of magnets applied have been on for a sufficient length of time, I remove the magnets, help the client off the table and invite them to sit with a glass of water to discuss what they might expect following their treatment and when a follow-up appointment might be best in order to assess any changes in the body and check that biomagnetic pairs treated are no longer showing as being imbalanced.

What to Expect After Treatment

On the day of treatment, it is not unusual to feel quite tired and to experience deep sleep that night. While you may feel as if you have not been doing anything, your body has been working hard and will continue to do so for seven to ten days following treatment. The therapeutic effects of the magnets are facilitating your body’s own innate healing mechanisms and it is the time between treatments that this is primarily allowed to take place. This can be quite empowering when you realise that it is you doing the healing; not me as the therapist. I am simply reading your body’s responses and enabling it to restore homeostasis and eliminate pathogens and waste more efficiently.

Following treatment, you will be asked to change your toothbrush and pillowcase and give an extra deep clean to commonly used utensils such as water bottles in order to mininise the chances of re-infection. Experiences differ from client to client with some undergoing a healing crisis, or die-off reaction, as pathogens are eliminated and toxins released; others feel a ‘boost’ with more energy and improved mood. Common die-off symptoms include short-term diarrhoea, headache, increased thirst and urination but should ease quickly. I am always happy to give advice if you are concerned at any of these symptoms but they are usually eased with simple detoxification methods such as drinking lemon water, eating a clean diet or bathing in epsom salts and bread soda. While biomagnetic pair therapy is sufficient to restore balance in the body, lifestyle changes may also be suggested at treatment and it is the client’s responsibility to assess how useful they will be and to implement them in order to give them the best chance of recovery and lasting improvement to health.

How Many Treatments Will Be Necessary?

This varies greatly from client to client depending on the severity of their illness, their age, lifestyle and the duration of the illness. Acute conditions generally react quite quickly to the therapy, whereas understandably, more chronic, multi-systemic illnesses of longer duration may take multiple sessions to see improvement. Relatively minor, acute conditions can disappear after one session, although I always recommend at least two treatments in order to assess the efficacy of the depolarization of pathogens following the first treatment. In my own case, I had multiple infections which had been affecting me for over a decade, impacting my neurological, endocrinological and immunological systems and I required approximately twenty treatments over the course of eighteen months to feel back to my old self. I initially felt worse during treatment before turning a corner after a number of months and I continued to climb from there. Other individuals have seen gradual, sustained improvement from treatment one, some are not aware of major shifts until they realise that certain symptoms have left them at a point into treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Can Biomagnetic Pair Therapy be used alongside other therapies?

A) Absolutely yes. Biomagnetic Pair Therapy is a truly complementary therapy which can be used alongside any allopathic medical or complementary treatments. The only exceptions are in the cases of IV chemotherapy or radiotherapy; regrettably if an individual is undergoing such therapies or has had them in the last five years, it is advisable for them to not undergo this therapy. A good Biomagnetist will happily work alongside any other practitioner helping the client and will never, ever give dangerous advice such as stopping prescription medicines. I am firmly of the opinion that traditional, allopathic medicine has its place and a General Practitioner should be anyone’s first port of call when concerned about their health. However, sadly it can not help in every case or a certain condition may require an integrative approach utilising the power of traditional medicine and complementary therapies.

Q) What are alternative, complementary, holistic and integrative therapies?

A) Alternative medicine is considered an alternative to what your Doctors may recommend and is often taken as a route on its own instead of undertaking traditional medical therapies. In contrast, complementary therapies are those which are considered as being useful taken alongside traditional medical treatments. Holistic therapies refer to treatment of the whole person (the word is derived from Holos, the Greek word for whole), treating the physical, emotional and spiritual body. Integrative medicine describes a multi-faceted approach to treatment, utilising the powers of different therapies, often utilised by Doctors who may treat with conventional medication alongside treatments such as acupuncture, hyperbaric oxygen, nutritional therapy or herbalism for example. I consider Biomagnetic Pair Therapy to be a holistic, complementary therapy which blends well with other modalities and treats the body as a whole.

Q) Is Biomagnetic Pair Therapy the same as Magnet Therapy, Bioresonance, Bio-Energy Therapy and Rife Therapy?

A) No, Biomagnetic Pair Therapy is quite different to these other modalities, although they are all energetic, vibrational therapies. Magnet therapy generally utilises negative polarity magnets only and works on the premise that our blood contains iron, which is then drawn to the magnetic field applied to whatever area of the body, helping to increase blood flow and draw toxins to the surface. Bioresonance scanning involves the use of a ‘biocom’ machine to detect imbalances in the body whereas there is no machinery involved in Biomagnetic Pair Therapy. Rife therapy is similar, in that a machine is used to scan ultrasound frequencies and influence these frequencies in such a way as to destablilise pathogens. Bio-Energy therapy is an energy therapy similar to reiki in which the body’s energetic flow is balanced, allowing for natural healing.