Hand Reflexology

What Is Hand Reflexology?

Hand reflexology can be very beneficial and enjoyable as an addition; or alternative, to foot reflexology.

The bands and feet have very similar anatomy and shape and every part of the foot used in reflexology has an equivalent on the hands. Therefore, reflexes can be worked on the hands that will correspond to various organs and body systems throughout the whole body. The hands are not as sensitive as the feet as they are generally less protected but can benefit in a localised way from reflexology as well as conferring benefits on other body parts.

The hands are often used when it is not possible, convenient or suitable to use the feet; for example, if a client has a permanent or temporary impediment to foot reflexology such as the loss of a limb, a fracture, strain, skin problem, or if the individual simply does not like to have their feet touched due to embarrassment or ticklishness. The hands are very convenient to use for self-treatment so I will commonly provide home treatment points to clients to continue working on at home through their hands.

Our hands work very hard for us and are often neglected so as well as benefiting from a whole body treatment when using hand reflexology, the hands will receive localised benefits such as the loosening and easing of sore joints or muscles, improved flexibility and skin tone.

Hand reflexology is a beautiful treatment on its own, though makes a particularly nice add on to other treatments such as foot massage, Indian head massage, holistic massage or reiki.