Remote Reiki

Distance Reiki Healing

Most of my Reiki clients, or even Biomagnetism clients who have experienced Reiki at the end of a treatment, are aware that a Reiki Master can invoke healing on many different levels; even sending energy to a traumatic time in the past or forward to a time in the future when they may need positive vibes and healing in their lives. This is done through techniques learnt at our second level attunements, where we are introduced to the important symbols and mantras which take Reiki healing to the next level; one of which being the Distance Symbol. As we have the ability to send energy through time, similarly we can utilise the same distance healing mantra and symbol to transfer energy to a person in another location.

We are more than just our physical bodies; we are energetic beings and it is accepted that energy knows not time nor space, it simply IS. Distance reiki works on the principles of the Hermetic Law of Similarity which states that we are all energy matter, we are part of a larger whole and therefore all connected. So the beauty of reiki is that it can be enjoyed as a hands on treatment in the clinic, but can also be used to great effect crossing time and/or space.


I was too! Even after I concluded my Reiki training, I was a little dubious about its efficacy when I was not even present in the room with my therapist. However, my personal experience has been that the sensations experienced during a standard Reiki treatment; heat, cold, tingling, ‘rushes’ of energy rising through my body, finding my mind drawn to odd places, such as people or events that I hadn’t thought of in a long time, were the same when being treated remotely. In fact, I have found remote work to produce even more profound reactions at times.

What to Expect During and After a Distance Reiki Treatment

During a remote Reiki treatment, all that the client needs to do is to set aside an hour in a quiet, comfortable place where they won’t be disturbed. I will send on some relaxation music for you to play and speak to you on the phone or via Skype or Facetime to check on how you are and establish what you wish to work on, if anything in particular, for your treatment. On ending the phone consultation, I will then establish a connection to you using a recent photograph which you will have sent me in advance, and our powerful distance symbol and mantra. I will channel Universal Life Force Reiki Energy to you, for your highest good, for one hour, before calling to let you know that the session has ended and to hear your feedback. It is generally recommended to lie comfortably, such as in bed or on your sofa, ensuring that you have blankets close by as clients can often feel chilled as old energy and emotion are cleared from the body, and you are welcome to do anything that you wish in order to create a calm, healing space such as lighting candles or burning your favourite essential oils.

The same potential exists for a healing crisis following a remote Reiki treatment as with one conducted in the clinic, as the same process will have been experienced by the body; the unblocking of stuck emotion and transference of pure Reiki energy, releasing stress and tension. Generally, people will feel very relaxed and lighter after a session, although temporary effects such as headache or increased thirst may occur. Likewise, people may have an emotional release such as crying for no apparent reason for a short time following a treatment. This is nothing to worry about and tends to reflect the transfer of emotion or trauma from the subconscious before being released.