Remote Bio Magnetics

Telebioenergetics is a form of remote Bio magnetics testing and treatment in which I was trained by Mr. Moises Goiz Martínez in 2017 and further by Dr. David Goiz Martínez in 2019. This extraordinary remote scanning technique was developed by Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán in 1995, 7 years after developing his system of Bio magnetics Pair Therapy. Utilising the energies of the client and the therapist, and the joint actions of the magnetic fields, he successfully treated a patient in Italy, from his clinic in Mexico City. This form of treatment is made possible by the client’s body being scanned through the body of another person; a ‘stand-in’ if you will, which we call an antenna. It is particularly useful if the client falls ill in a country where there are no therapists available, or they are unable to travel to their therapist due to illness or other reasons. It can be done over any distance, as with Dr Goiz effectively eradicating an Italian-based client’s symptoms from thousands of miles away in Mexico, once the therapist is well practiced; with at least level 2 bioenergetics specialist training, and a lot of experience scanning clients.

This may sound extraordinary; and a little hard to believe, which is why I have generally tended in the past not to advertise telebioenergetics as a treatment option and instead relied primarily on it to treat family, friends, colleagues and those who I know may be open to it. Of course that changed in 2020 when my clinic had to close due to the emerging Covid 19 pandemic and clients were distressed to see progress being lost in the absence of treatment. I offered remote treatment as an alternative and while some were hesitant at first, results were very successful and people were able to continue with their treatment and see more gains in their health. It proved so popular that many opted to continue to treat remotely even when the clinic could re-open and word spread, meaning that I am still dedicating 3 days per week to remote treatments now.

Despite this admittedly being a strange concept to many, it is a powerful phenomenon and is backed by science. According to the laws of quantum physics, an atom and its electrons never lose quantum entanglement, even when they are separated. If you can remove an electron from that atom and place it anywhere in the World, it will continue to have a relationship with that atom. Many electrons separated from the same atom and ‘mixed up’ would still maintain quantum entanglement.
There is much that we don’t understand about quantum physics, magnetism, the power of the mind and the presence of coincidences. However, we do not need to understand the full mechanism of something to utilise it, as anyone who is technophobic like me can appreciate in the wonder of being able to transfer radio signals, and our own voices, over long distances without truly grasping the mechanisms involved. To give some examples, have you ever thought about someone you haven’t been in touch with for some time, only for the telephone to ring and it be that person? Or have you noticed that your dog seems to know when your partner or child is returning home and goes to sit by the door to wait for them? Transference of energy and intention are possible, even if we don’t know quite how yet. We assimilate so much information unconsciously and are still a long way off discovering the true power of our body and mind.

What Happens During a Telebioenergetic/Remote Scan?

I will call the client who is to receive treatment on a video messaging platform such as what’s app, Skype or Facetime, or telephone, to conduct a consultation as we would at the beginning of any Bio magnetics Pair Therapy treatment, so that I can check on symptoms and any reactions following prior treatment and, importantly, secure their consent to be scanned remotely.
Some personal information about the client, such as their name, present location and their date of birth, is required and I generally ask clients to provide a very recent photograph of themselves for me to focus on through the treatment. The client is ideally required to rest quietly for the duration of the scan; in a comfortable position such as on their bed, where they are free to listen to relaxation music, light candles, generally make their environment safe and soothing, ensuring that they won’t be interrupted for the treatment time, though some prefer to sit and read, go for a walk or garden while the scan is being conducted and this is also perfectly fine.
I will send an SMS with a photo of my antenna on the table to let the client know that treatment has commenced. After securing consent from the antenna for the client to be scanned through their body, I spend a few moments establishing a connection with the client through the antenna’s body, checking repeatedly that I am continuing to treat the client, and not the antenna, throughout the treatment.
The entire body is scanned for distortions and magnets are applied to correct any indicated, as in any Bio magnetics pair treatment. The only difference being, the information presented is representative of issues evident in the client’s body and magnets placed have a therapeutic effect on them, not on the antenna. Magnets are left for the requisite amount of time, and after establishing that there is nothing more requiring treatment, the connection between the antenna and the client’s body is removed and the client informed that the session has concluded.

At this point, I usually send photos of the antenna with the applied magnets in position, and of my notes indicating where imbalances were detected, following up with a video call to discuss findings. With clients in different time zones, it is often more appropriate to follow up by email rather than by call and in fact the whole treatment can be done in this way with information emailed in advance of treatment by the client, treatment done at a suitable time; this is often overnight while the client is asleep in the case of treatments in other time zones, and then follow up also by email.

The client will still be required to change their toothbrush and pillowcase and make any changes usually required after a standard scan, as despite them not having magnets physically on their body, the effects of treatment will be taking place within them and they will still need to remove any risks of re-transmission of infection. They will notice sensations throughout their body; such as heat, cold, tingling or relaxation, during treatment as with any Bio magnetics scan and will still be prone to potential healing crises as the effects of treatment take place and the body rebalances. Many clients have reported feeling more going on in their body during a remote scan than one in person and report feeling very heavy and relaxed, almost like they couldn’t move if they wanted to but not in a distressing way; more in the sense that they wouldn’t like to move from their comfortable state anyway, and many find that they fall asleep as soon as they receive my text message to let them know I have started, only to wake as my second message; alerting them that the treatment has ended, comes through.