About Biomagnetism

Previously active and ambitious, I became very unwell in 2003 when I was aged just 22, and little did I know that that illness would change the course of my life and lead to my becoming a very different person.

Following a bad (what I thought to be) flu virus I began to get various aches and pains which I put down to misuse of gym equipment or an awkward sleeping position, and suffered from extreme tiredness, falling asleep at any opportunity, which I brushed off as being the inevitable results of working in my first full-time job after college while completing my thesis towards my Masters in Classics. Slowly, more symptoms such as headaches, absent seizures, tingling, numbness, pins and needles, muscle twitching, impaired cognition and memory, insomnia and increasingly severe, widespread pain amongst others became too severe to ignore so I sought medical help. What a naïve 22 year old failed to realise, was that my symptoms, while distressing and severe, were sadly common to many illnesses and pinning down the root cause was not straightforward. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis despite an absence of auto-immune markers, Post-Viral Syndrome and then M.E/C.F.S. It alarmed me that the establishment seemed uninterested; or unable, to find the root cause of my symptoms once I had a diagnosis, and that my concerns were being brushed aside.

Always seeking answers, I was eventually tested by a German immunologist for a wide range of infections and body system dysfunctions and received a diagnosis of Lyme Disease. Again, naivety meant that I almost celebrated this news; not that I wanted to be ill, but when you already know something is very wrong, you need answers and an opportunity to address what was so wrong in the body; in my case a simple bacterial infection! A course of antibiotics and I would be healthy again! Right? Eh, not quite. It transpired that the 4 week course of tetracycline I was prescribed was wholly inadequate to treat my long-standing infection and would have been more appropriate for an acute infection. However, by the time I did receive long-term antibiotics, I had been ill for five years and was extremely ill.

To cut a long story short, I ultimately took years of antibiotics; intravenously, orally and intramuscularly. I tried anti-protozoals, anti-virals, hyperthermia, ozone therapy, acupuncture, two lyme-specific herbal protocols; all helped to some degree but I was still ill, still unable to work, and still terrified that I would never again be a functioning member of society with decent quality of life.

So what did help me get back to full health? Well, I’ll give you a clue; they’re the very therapies that I practice today. Reiki helped me enormously with the psychological effects of being ill so young; the bitterness and anger at having become so ill and debilitated through no fault of my own, the loss I felt seeing my friends progress with life while my life was stagnant and full of pain and struggle and it calmed my mind and allowed me to switch off and de-stress. Reflexology helped with gentle symptom relief as I was too ill to be able to tolerate massage. It loosened my skeletal system, relaxed me, helped me to sleep and to detox safely from all of the medication I was on. And then I discovered Biomagnetism or Biomagnetic Pair Therapy and things really moved up a gear. This was the ultimate game changer for me as it gets to the root cause of symptoms and facilitates healing in an incredible way. After approaching Biomagnetism with a great degree of scepticism, I slowly began to see that there was something to it and felt empowered by how it treats the body; primarily facilitating the body’s own healing mechanisms by de-polarizing pathogens and bringing balance to the major body systems via its effect on our cellular Ph and electromagnetic charge. It wasn’t always easy and as my therapist commented, healing often isn’t pretty. However, after about 18 months of Biomagnetism treatment I felt that I was well again and my vitality, energy and stamina have continued to increase from then.

I used to say that chronic illness ruined my life, but now I see that it changed it, and me. Illness is a great leveller and I am a different person now to the scared girl who got sick originally. I respect the body and health so much now, and I’m more human, more empathetic and more grateful than I could ever imagine being had I not had the experience that I did. I consider myself blessed to be in a position now to use all that I learned about Biomagnetism to help others; it does make a difference when someone has ‘walked the walk’ and I genuinely only want the best for my clients, striving to give them 100% every time and supporting them through their own journey both during treatments and via telephone and email in between sessions.

The Significance Behind My Company Logo

My logo represents a beautiful phoenix, derived from Greek mythology, which is a subject close to my heart, having completed my Master in Classics just prior to becoming ill and maintaining a keen interest in that particular culture.

The phoenix is a majestic, mythical creature representing renewal and rebirth. Associated with the Sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. This resonates with my journey in which I felt that my life was over, but with the benefit of hindsight see that while often difficult and genuinely horrific, my experience with chronic illness taught me a great deal about myself, health and life in general. I rose from the ashes of that illness a different, more empathetic and grateful person, reborn anew to good health and blessed to be able to help other people rise from the ashes of their own ill health and begin to live again.

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